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The role of animal cognition in human-wildlife interactions

Madeleine Goumas, Neeltje Boogert and Laura Kelley from Project C-Gull recently wrote a review article on wild animal cognition, teaming up with Victoria Lee and Alex Thornton from Cornish Jackdaws. Humans place an enormous amount of pressure on wildlife. Wild animals, unlike their hugely populous domesticated counterparts, are faring badly. It is estimated that over…

Herring gull aversion to gaze in urban and rural human settlements

We investigated how exposure to humans affects gulls’ aversion to human gaze. We previously found that human gaze deters herring gulls: when being stared at, gulls were much slower to approach human food than when the experimenter was looking away. We next wanted to explore how exposure to humans might affect this ‘gaze sensitivity’: would…

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