A little bit about me

I am a NERC-funded DTP student doing my PhD at the University of Exeter. Ever since I came to Cornwall, I have been fascinated by the herring gulls around us switching from navigating at sea to coming into towns to breed on roofs and scavenge whatever food they can find.

I am an avid bird watcher and ringer, and as part of local ringing group I helped to start an urban gull ringing project 7 years ago. I am interested to learn more about these town-dwelling gulls – are they are always in the same town or do they move around more than we thought? We have collectively ringed over 350 individuals, most as chicks, and we are starting to learn more about their behaviours and wanderings in towns and far beyond.

Broadly I am focusing on cognition, behaviour and consequences for fitness in urban herring gulls. My work aims to help understand gull behaviour and minimise gull-human conflict.

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